Stopping unwanted Paypass Purchases

The other day my phone (a Samsung S5, no, not the edge) started beeping at times when I was holding it. This began expectantly, and after a week of these obscure notifications, I tracked it down to when the phone was being placed next to my wallet. An App that I recently installed turned on…


The NBN of the future

Not sure why our particular location has been left out of the NBN rollout information (see image). Last month we received a generic notice saying that we may see the NBN doing work in our streets, so there is some confusion out there about this. It looks as though there is a high-tech force field…


Hosting of New Websites

MawsonLakes.Org is pleased to announce that we will be hosting two websites for the Mawson Lakes community.

  • Mawson Lakes Community Church
  • Monstersale – A fundraiser for the Mawson Lakes Community Church.