New Website for MawsonLakes.Org

Greetings gentle readers.

Welcome to the new 2014 website for MawsonLakes.Org. After several years away from the Internet, we have returned with a brand new website, with the aim of promoting all things Mawson Lakes, and anything else that may be of interest to the Mawson Lakes community

Homes of The Future

This week tune into Directions for SA, on Monday, 4th February, 7pm, Channel 9. The reason? The show, hosted by Kieth Conlon, will be presenting a special screening on “Home’s Of The Future”. Dave Jonker’s house features on the program, with the emphasis being on ‘Internet Remote Monitoring and Control’ and control of the home…


(Re)Welcome Kit

After a weeks delay, we were able to fill out the survey and pick up our welcome kit (number 202). It contains vouchers for the Mawson Lakes (UniSA) Sports Centre (free workout and squash game), Jeffries Garden Soils and Peter Engles Garden Centre. The kit also contains a Delfin colouring book, and a ‘Moving In’…


Temporary New Home

Some new details.. these are more current than the ones below. Watching as things Develop! Contact Details Editor: Paul Schulz ( Why this change? I have left my job in Technology Park at CAE MRad (although I will be around during the day doing some contract work for them). This meant that I had to…


Does anyone know… ?

Just a quick report from the Mawson Lakes Quiz night that was held at Endeavour College, oh.. a long time ago now. Thank you again to to all our sponsors and to all the people who came. It was a very enjoyable evening. I have a couple of comments from the scorers, Beck and Fiona..…


Apologies for the delay..

There haven’t been any updates placed here for some time. This has been due to several compounding factors; a change of job, involment in running a quiz night and trying to get a house built. Thank you for you patience. Please look out for the next Mawson Lakes Bulletin in you letter box. We have…


Looking for a Door Intercom?

Posted by┬áC M James In my search for the correct door intercom system to suit our requirements for our new home, I discovered many types available. Of them all, Door Guard seemed to offer the most value. The system is permanently wired, no batteries required and suitable for new or existing homes. The unit is…