Code for Cosmic Array Sensor Project

A recent project has been pulling together some code for a Raspberry Pi Zero, which is going to be part of the system in the a Cosmic Ray Sensor. Details about the The Cosmic Array project, which is part of the Splash Adelaide Winter Festival are available from the Hackaday Website. The Raspberry Pi takes…


detourJust got off the phone from Salisbury Council about the road works an detours that are going on around the place. I got caught out yesterday, doing a last minute ‘Oh we all slept in!” dash, and ended up going a lot further than we needed to.

The details that I have:

  • Mon, 30th May –  Fri, 10th June: Mawson Lakes Boulevard – Closed from Parkway to Mary Street (Montague Road end). North detour back via Parkway in Technology Park.
  • Mon, 6th June – Thu, 16th June: Mawson Lakes Boulevard – Works at the Peninsula Drive and Parkway Drive Roundabouts.

Hopefully these two road closures won’t overlap by too much.

Just had a letter in the mailbox with more details, and I have rung Adrian, the Surfacing Coordinator to confirm access during these times. The plan at the moment(1 June) subject to weather:

  • Monday – Work starts on Peninsula Roundabout, Work starts on Parkview Dr. Roundabout.
  • Tuesday – Work starts on Parkview Dr.
  • Wednesday – New Asphalt put down on Parkview Dr.

Local access will not be completely cut off during this time, works start at 7am,  but there may be some delays getting in and out of adjoining roads. Access will be available after 5pm each day. Direction will need to be taken by road management services.

I will continue to update this post if I find out any more details


Adelaide Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon

Yesterday (Sat, 23 April 2016) saw the first Adelaide IoT Hackathon held at the Smart City Studio in the City of Adelaide. This author is very please to announce that we were successful and won the event with our project: City wide water leakage monitoring. We were us against the 10 Cent – Internet of trash and…


Stopping unwanted Paypass Purchases

The other day my phone (a Samsung S5, no, not the edge) started beeping at times when I was holding it. This began expectantly, and after a week of these obscure notifications, I tracked it down to when the phone was being placed next to my wallet. An App that I recently installed turned on…


The NBN of the future

Not sure why our particular location has been left out of the NBN rollout information (see image). Last month we received a generic notice saying that we may see the NBN doing work in our streets, so there is some confusion out there about this. It looks as though there is a high-tech force field…


Edison Robots

I have just been introduced to the Edison Robots.  I was shown a box of them that are going to be used to teach programming(coding) and robotics in a local primary school. They looked vaguely familiar. The company behind the Edison is Microbric and they have been around for a while. They concluded an Kickstarter campaign in 2014,…


Oliphant Science Awards – 2016

It’s that time of year again, where I’m about to get involved again in the Oliphant Science group at the primary school attended by my daughter. We have a really great group of young scientists this year, and they have been sent away for the holidays, inspired to think about what great science they can…